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Sufi Element Ritual
Sufi Element Ritual
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Life, from which all seen and unseen manifestations of the creation originate, is in itself silent and invisible, whereas all of life's creation is mostly visible or audible in an infinite variety of vibrations. The mystery of the whole Universe resides in the fact that these vibrations could also be understood as space within space; and it is within this space that the cosmic energy manifests in different shades of color, as well as in pitches of sound, from the very lowest to the very highest, within the all pervading space.

The dull sound of the vibrations of the earth element, which cause the surface to rumble and resonate, and whose characteristic is solidity, also manifest in various shades ranging from brown to golden yellow. These hollow sounds have the quality of motivating the need to communicate.

The sound of the vibrations of the water element vary in accordance with circumstances, as it flows onwards, overcoming all obstacles with a clarifying effect. It reveals itself in a variety of green shades, related to the environment and to substances entering into the Element. The characteristic of these vibrations is fluidity.

The highly strung vibrations of the fire element, which have the characteristic of brilliancy, are seen in shades of red, and obviously awaken physical and psychological impulses.

The vibrations of the air element, which reach beyond the concept of audible sound and visible color, could nevertheless be pictured in various shades of blue. These vibrations, with the characteristic of expansiveness, are most appropriate sources of inspiration.

Sound and color are perceived through the channels of the two senses of hearing and sight, where appropriate faculties are motivated, as well as through the three other, indirectly related faculties of taste, touch, and the olfactory ability, all of which together are the expression of what could be described as centralized consciousness, or the root of all senses, where all faculties are fundamentally coordinated.

The symbology of the Element Ritual

The Element Ritual is the rebirth of an old Zoroastrian ritual, to be considered as a ritual from ancient times, adapted to the West. The Ritual is a homage to the Creator, whose great powers, the five elements, compose the Universe. The Element Ritual is a combination of color, sound and rhythm; and all names and forms are symbols.

The burning candle in the center of the circle of the Element Ritual is representing the Divine Light. The symbolical meaning of the circle is the perfect creation. The candlelight in the middle of the circle symbolizes the Divine Light. The five candies symbolize our attunement to the elements. The men reaching toward the candle of the Divine Light and back to their place suggest the stages of the inner and the outer life.

All those who are present are kindly invited to experience this ritual as a meditation, attuning yourself to the qualities of the elements as they are presented. We can keep in mind the following:
According to the Zoroastrian tradition the Earth element symbolizes stability, peace and balance;
Water: progression and movement;
Fire: energy;
Air: inspiration, communication and a broad outlook;
Ether: inner peace and attunement to the divine.

It is a meditative experience, to be seen as a sacred dance. The dancers are not professional dancers, but they are all attuned to the element they symbolically represent in this ritual.

Pir-o-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan

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